God's Prescription for Physical Health

God's Prescription for Physical Health 

3-Month Coaching Program 

6 Sessions - 6 Hours of Coaching 

$180.00 per session totaling / $360.00 per month 

This program consists of 6 sessions, meeting every TWO WEEKS for 1 hour, via phone or Telehealth video session, during a period of 3 months. During our sessions we will discuss your goals and concerns, cover related health and wellness topics, and I will give you specific recommendations and lifestyle tips that you will seamlessly integrate into your life.  We'll discuss your progress, challenges and victories. Each following session will build upon the last. Complete with recipes, food guides, handouts, tip sheets and many other resources that will be beneficial for your progress and e-mail support will also be provided between sessions, as needed.  By the end of the program you will overcome your challenges, reach your main goals, and create new healthy habits to continue nurturing your world with the gifts of health and happiness. Sessions may include prayer, scripture reading, biblical meditation and fasting.


God's Prescription for Physical Health 

6-Month Coaching Program 

12 Sessions - 12 Hours of Coaching 

$180.00 per session / totaling 360.00 per month 

This program offers the same services as the 3 month program, however, it is the most comprehensive and effective program of all, taking into consideration all the elements of a healthy lifestyle. It consists of 12 sessions, meeting every TWO WEEKS for 1 hour, via phone or Telehealth video session, during a period of 6 months. I have found that consistent meetings over a long period of time lead to the greatest and longest lasting results.

It's perfect for those who want to make sustainable changes that will improve their health and happiness, gradually with support and accountability. Together, we'll explore all aspects that make up your health, from nutrition to physical activity, sleep, stress, relationships, career, spirituality, joy and happiness. Together we will bring attention to the areas that need improvement and through goal setting and simple action steps you will gradually make positive changes in each of those areas. My step-by-step process is very powerful and essential in making changes and creating new habits that will be sustainable overtime. By the end of the program not only will you overcome your challenges, reach your goals, and create new healthy habits, but you will have an entire toolkit of new abilities, skills, information, practical tips and tools to continue on your divine journey of health and happiness. 

Group Coaching

6 Sessions - 6 Hours of Coaching 

$360.00 per month

I also offer the 3 month program in a group setting. Group coaching has the added benefit of a community of supportive and like-minded people helping each other  along by providing accountability to one another. If you have friends, co-workers or other people in your community that would like to benefit from health coaching, we can set up a group just for you and your tribe at $360.00 per person (minimum groups of 6). 

Group settings are fun and interactive and provide an environment to discuss healthy lifestyle choices and are specifically tailored to meet your groups specific needs.  One day sessions, retreats and workshops are also available.  See my One Sheet for more information.




Monthly RYWN Healthy Lifestyle Group Coach 

One 60-Minute Group Session per Month with Total Health Coach

$45.00 per month 

Do you want to change your diet, develop new healthy habits or establish a regular exercise routine? Maybe you struggle with constipation and digestive issues, or perhaps you are burned out, stressed and tired. Maybe you are a chronic dieter, overeater or binge eater and you feel out of control around food. If you are looking for support to help you create healthy habits for a life time, this group is for you.  Here's what you'll receive every month:

  • 4 weeks of suggested meal plans

  • Pantry List

  • Food Diary

  • Recipe Guide 

  • Monthly e-mails

  • Monthly health and wellness guide

  • Unlimited texting and email support 


Whatever your situation is, there is a way out of it, and I am here to help you through it. Thanks to technology we can connect to work on these issues, overcome your challenges, reach your goals and create your ideal lifestyle. No matter where you are, the path to a healthier lifestyle is within your reach.  


RYWN Monthly Healthy Living Subscription

3-Month Physical Health Program

6-Month Physical Health Program


3-Month Group Coaching

for Physical Health 

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RYWN Monthly Healthy

Lifestyle Subscription