Divine Key # 2 

Love, Protect & Nurture Your Skin

The human body is an extraordinary beautiful masterpiece composed of 700 muscles, 206 bones, 30 trillion cells, 25 miles of blood vessels, and about 5 liters of blood. Our internal framework of organs function in seamless fashion to keep us aligned and balanced. The human anatomy is nothing short of miraculous. With this Divine Key, you’ll discover why what you are putting on your skin really does matter.


"I will praise You, for I am fearfully made; marvelous are Your works, and my soul knows very well."

Psalms 139:14


The skin is external and is regarded as the largest organ on the human body, and covers about 20 square feet on the average size person. The skin is responsible for several vital functions:


  • It is the first line of defense against sickness and disease

  • It serves as protective covering for the body


  • It absorbs vital nutrients to keep the body healthy


  • It holds our bodies together


  • It is the passage way to our bloodstream


  • It helps removes toxins from the body through our sweat glands


  • It plays a vital role in manufacturing vitamin D from the sun


  • It aids in regulating our body temperature


  • It aids the blood in naturally healing cuts, bruises, and punctures



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