Rekishia L. McMillan, CSW, MSW

Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach 

Certified Mental Health Integrative Medicine Provider 

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Saving Your Marriage Before It

Starts Certified Facilitator (SYMBIS)

Her first military tour was is South Korea, where she had the privilege of attending Yoido Full Gospel Church where Pastor David Yonggi Cho was the Senior Pastor. Through a prophetic word it was revealed that this was her first encounter with the apostolic anointing. Ever since connecting with Yoido Full Gospel Church, her life has never been the same.


Her callings as a minister of the Gospel, Clinical Social Worker and health coach, have proven to be a match made in heaven for Rekishia. Through her counseling and health coaching ministry, Rock Your World Naturally, she uses her gifts to introduce God’s Kingdom prescription concerning total health for the spirit, soul and body. By sharing her own personal testimony about how God recovered her health, she  provides sound godly counsel to helps others receive deliverance from bondage within the soul, create healthy eating and lifestyle habits for the body and experience personal revival for their spirit.


She is an award-winning author and sought out speaker. Her debut books, Rock Your World Naturally: 7 Divine Keys to Unlock Extraordinary Health and companion journal,  28-Days & Beyond Wellness Journal, were finalists in the 2017 America’s Bookfest Best Book Award in the Health Category.


Rekishia’s voice can be heard every Wednesday on WTMR 800 AM Gospel Radio as she hosts The Rock Your World Naturally Show, serving the New Jersey and Philadelphia areas as she delivers God’s message of holistic health and wellness for the spirit, soul and body.  Rekishia interviews health experts from around the world on various topics. The The Rock Your World Naturally Show was was nominated as a favorite podcast  by Blubrry in 2020. 


Rekishia’s testimony powerfully resonates with women as she shares how God restored her voice after suffering years in painful silence after being sexually abused. It was through Abba Father’s redemptive love that she received her healing to aid women in finding their voice.


While serving on Active Duty, Rekishia witnessed her comrades killed in one the most tragic aircraft incidents recorded in the history of the Air Force and as a result, she suffered from Post Traumatic Stress (PTS). Through her experience she helps Military Service Members and fellow veterans overcome PTS and unique challenges associated with military and veteran communities.


Rekishia has received extensive training through The School of the Spirit with Jennifer LeClaire Ministries and holds a Master’s degree in Clinical Social Work from Rutgers University, along with several other certifications. Rekishia is married to Titus S. McMillan, PhD, who is also a counselor.



Rekishia is aligned with:


Yoido Full Gospel Church, Jennifer LeClaire Ministries, Safe Harbor Ministry and Chuck Pierce, Glory of Zion.


Rekishia L. McMillan is a multi-faceted and gifted leader. As an ordained minister, her assignment to the Body of Christ is to share God’s prescription for total health in spirit, soul and body. Her passion is to see people set free and made whole in every area of their lives by pointing them to the true Rock, Jesus Christ.

As a second generation and honorably retired Air Force veteran, she draws from her military experience and is sought after to train others in leadership, organizational alignment, discipleship, holistic health, intercession and spiritual warfare.

Rekishia operates in prophetic and apostolic anointings to aid in equipping and aligning the Body of Christ to set the captives free in preparation of the return of Jesus Christ. She is the Trenton, New Jersey Awakening Prayer Hubs intercessory prayer team leader, contending for the city and the nations.

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