RYWN Episode 48: Featuring John Edminston Christian Bible Teacher, Author & Digital Strategist

In this episode of The RYWN Show, I interview Christian Bible Teacher, Author & Digital Strategist, John Edmiston. John Edmiston is the Pastor of Eternity Christian Fellowship and is a highly innovative Christian bible-teacher and digital strategist. Born in Australia, John Edmiston has lived in Nauru, Papua New Guinea, and the Philippines, has taught in 17 nations and now lives in Carson, California. He is also the CEO of Cybermissions, also known as Asian Internet Bible Institute – International.

During this interview we discuss his newly authored work BiblicalEQ. BiblicalEQ is about emotional intelligence, from a Christian perspective. During this interview you’ll learn about the emotions of Jesus, the spiritual basis of emotions, how emotions arise within us, how our beliefs produce our emotions, how to recognize emotions within ourselves, how to control and manage our emotions.

Christ is the Model, the Bible is the textbook, the Holy Spirit is the power to change and love is the goal. BiblicalEQ was originally written to help stressed out Christian missionaries. You’ll be transformed as you listen to this life changing message on managing your emotions by following our greatest example, Jesus Christ.

Listen. Apply. Transform.

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John Edminston Christian Bible Teacher, Author & Digital Strategist

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