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I just read your book "Healing Gemstones of the Bible" and I am so happy I did. I make copper and gemstone jewelry, and I've always had a love for gemstones. I've always believed for a long time that gemstones have healing properties, but felt so conflicted because of my faith. Christian friends of mine would make fun of me or tell me that I was into something ungodly for thinking that gemstones could help with healing in different ways. Your book explained what I have a hard time putting into words and is so informative! I love how much research is behind it and that there are so many scriptures you reference. I feel so validated now.

Thanks again!


"Rekishia has help me completely turn my life around at the age of 59.  She has taught me and is still teaching me how I should take care of my health.  It's good to look good on the outside, but if the inner man is not healthy, it will eventually take a toll on the body outside.  The vitamins for my blood type has truly helped me and the articles that I read regarding my health have helped me tremendously.  I am turning 60 in 6 months, and people tell me they can't believe how good I look! But I'm glad that I feel good from the inside out! Thank you Rekishia for your professionalism and your expertise...Keep up the good work!"                    


                                              ~S. Nobles

"Rekishia's  professionalism is outstanding, dedication is remarkable and attitude is unsurpassed."           

                                 ~ C. LeMaire

"Rekishia completely overhauled our organizations ineffective Fitness Program. Her ability to work with key leadership to restore integrity of the system resulted in a dramatic turnaround for our organization.  We moved our organization from dead last to second ranking position. Superb individual whose work ethic inspires teamwork and high productivity."   


                            ~ N. France Jr.





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"Rekishia's talents are recognized and sought after by other organizations; she is an asset to the community; competent, dependable and willing to help others achieve results expeditiously and accurately."   


                                 ~ S. Yenchesky

"Dynamic leader with unwavering dedication and commitment! Our organizations fitness program has never been better. Rekishia expertly managed 75 individual fitness portfolios to help individuals stay on track to achieve optimal fitness."  


                                   ~ J. Drake